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UK Heritage is a buyer and seller of architectural antiques, decorative pieces and fittings. Founded in 2006 by Ben Couchman, our 15,000 sq. ft warehouse in rural Herefordshire is one of the largest yards in the country and is packed full of hand-picked items, all of which are steeped in history. We work with architects, interior and retail designers, filmmakers, property developers and homeowners to add personality to a project. We’d love to welcome you to our reclamation yard to discover the history of our architectural antiques.

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Art Deco

The predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong…

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Art Nouveau

A style of decorative art, architecture, and design prominent in western Europe and the USA from about 1890 until the…

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Arts & Crafts

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Country is a wide-ranging style that depends on geographical location but is generally exemplified by primitive furniture, muted colours, milk-paint…

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Georgian architecture and interiors were known for their elegance and lightness of touch. Among the most enduring styles was Neo-classical,…

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Of or in the style of architecture prevalent in western Europe in the 12th–16th centuries (and revived in the mid…

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The Victorian era is known for its interpretation and eclectic revival of historic styles mixed with the introduction of middle…

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Our Promise

As an expert in UK architectural heritage, we understand the values of taking care, protecting and learning. This ethos permeates through everything we do. From identifying architectural salvage and learning its history, to carefully removing it from site, lovingly restoring it and finally helping it find a new home, we always strive for the highest standards of customer service and quality. On that note, here is our promise to you:

We don’t buy new

In a world full of waste, we aren’t looking to add to the pile. We hand-pick items to save them from a date with the landfill. Back at our reclamation yard we lovingly restore each piece to give all an opportunity to continue their journey.

We are a professional seller

As a member of LAPADA, we meet the highest standards for service and quality. We abide by a strict Code of Practice as membership is only open to those who meet the Association’s requirements for experience, quality and subject knowledge.

We ensure secure online transactions

While we may be based in rural Herefordshire, our architectural antiques are popular across the globe. We therefore offer worldwide delivery at competitive prices. We also use a secure online transaction service and ensure compliance with the GDPR.

We prioritise customer support

You know your project. We know our architectural heritage. Combine the two and we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You won’t find a hard sell here either. We just want to provide you as much detail as we can.

Your purchases are protected

We offer full transparency regarding a product’s condition and provide condition reports as standard. If you are dissatisfied with an item’s condition, we work hard to make it right. All purchases are subject to the standard consumer protection laws.

We are an ethical seller

Sustainability is the beating heart of our business. At our architectural salvage yard we save items destined for the waste pile and give them a new lease of life. We also do not sell items that contain ivory or that are dangerous to health or the environment.